Marine Coastal Community Network (MCCN) help build community, industry and government support for marine and coastal biodiversity, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. MCCN is a not for profit network with a national focus.

Our Mission

Marine Coastal Community Network  informs, involves, and connects community interests, the three spheres of government and industry to facilitate positive outcomes for the conservation of marine biodiversity and ecological processes, and the ecologically sustainable use of Australia’s marine and coastal environments.

Our Participants

There are currently over 10,000 organisations, groups and individuals who use the services of the Network, covering government agencies, industry and the community sector.

Participants include concerned citizens who want to be kept informed, commercial and recreational fishing interests, scuba divers, surfers, the shipping industry, marine science community, conservation interests, tourism interests, political interests,  government agencies.

Our History

The MCCN was established 1993 and was hosted by the then Australian Littoral Society Inc. and currently by the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS). Up until June 30, 2008, for 15 years, the Australian Government was the primary funder of the Network.  MCCN is currently looking for support from industry partners and interested participants.  MCCN is currently staffed by a team of volunteer workers. MCCN’s head office is based at the University of NSW’s (UNSW) Building 2 at Chowder Bay.  UNSW is a member of the Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS) a collaboration of universities.  SIMS is also located at Chowder Bay on Sydney Harbour.

Our Volunteer National Reference Group

Our Volunteers

The MCCN would like to sincerely thank all MCCN volunteers who have helped make the network function effectively.  In 2006 the volunteers in Western Australia have gained extra prestige… Volunteering WA, the Peak Body for volunteering in WA, celebrates the difference volunteers make by publishing a list of special people who have been nominated by their community organisations for the Difference Awards.

Kasey Darts, MCCN Tas Volunteer
Kasey grew up on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, studied a Diploma of Natural Resource Management at Chisholm TAFE (Rosebud)and a Bachelor of Science (Marine Biology) at James Cook Univerity, QLD. She is currently doing her honours at Utas looking at the effects of invasive mammals on breeding seabirds on Tasmanian Offshore Islands. Kasey did volunteer work, on the MCCN Blue Pages project with Nicola Waldron, Regional Co-ordinator for Victoria and Tasmania.

The MCCN values our partnerships …Our Partners

Up until June 30 2008, our key partnership was  with the The Australian Government Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (http://www.environment.gov.au/) who funded and supported our work.

We also value our partnership with our host – the Australian Marine Conservation Society

Thanks to the marine and coastal scientists, Australian and International scientific community, research organisations, the marine & coastal industry, the conservation sector, community groups & individuals, who all work hard to help build our network by connecting us with information, expertise, projects, events, opportunities and loads of enthusiasm.

We value the support of our talented photographers who contribute images to help inspire and connect others. MCCN would like to thank the following photographers who kindly support our work by providing us with their wonderful and inspiring images.

Aengus Moran

Ocean wide images

And the support of our designers, Dianna Wells Design and BLAST web consulting, Nick Lo and behind the scene support team.

Our Awards

Marine Coastal Community Network – Awards

2003 – Winner Gold Banksia Award

2006 – Winner Victorian Coastal Media Award


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